Real Estate Law

Here you will find an overview of the fields of law we specialize in at the Law Office of Robert Howe.

Our Specializations

Real Estate Law - Representation

Remember one important point - the seller, broker, and bank in the transaction may each have an attorney representing each of their interests.  An attorney representing any of these parties (even though you may be charged with a fee, as in the case of a bank) is not your attorney.  Do not make what could be your largest financial move, without your own attorney.


Real Estate Law - Title Search

After the contract has been signed, they buyer's attorney will order a title search to see if the seller can convey title to the property to you as agreed upon in the contract of sale.


Real Estate Law - Closing

The "closing" of the purchase of your home is the transaction in which you receive all the documents required to convey the title of your home.  At the closing, these documents are reviewed to be sure that the conditions and promises of the purchase contract are fulfilled.  Also at this time, the balance of the purchase price is paid to the seller.  Arrangements are made at the closing for the time when you will occupy the home.





Other Legal Fields

We will gladly represent you in cases regarding:

  •  Real estate law
  •  Wills & Health Care Proxies
  •  House Closings
  •  Refinancing
  •  Family Court
  •  Estate planning and Future planning


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